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“Voice Training Success Stories with Billy Purnell and the Ultimate Voice Training for Singers”

teresa carpio“Billy, You are the MAN!!!! Thank you so much for being there for me and helping me sing so well! I am so thankful to God for you and your talents. But most of all, for your passion im teaching and helping singers like me. Without you, I would not have been able to sing like I did and with such confidence! YEAH for BILLY!!!! =) GOD BLESS YOU!!! With Love and Respect!”

-Teresa Carpio, Hong Kong and Ontario Canada, 9 sold out shows at Hong Kong Coliseum, July 2012


IMG_3800“I’ve had the same vocal coach since I was eight years old.  He’s been there from the beginning.  Billy is the BEST!!”

-Tori Kelly, Canyon Lake CA





alex cantrall“Hey Billy, Thank you so much for stopping by “The Biz” music school yesterday. You are truly one of the best I’ve ever worked with, and the kids went “on and on” about how much they loved your class. Just wanted you to know how much we appreciated you sharing your time and your talent.”

-Alex Cantrall, producer, songwriter, Los Angeles, CA


YA“When you use your voice to the extent that our people do, working with and training over 300 young kids six days a week on a 10-week road trip, you need a vocal technique that will carry you through your entire range comfortably, or vocal stress and fatigue will surely set in. That’s why we brought Billy Purnell on board as our vocal trainer, and the results have been fantastic–the kids are seeing a wonderful difference. Thanks, Billy.”

-Milton Anderson, founder, The Young Americans


joelle“I’ve been a winner on CBS-TVS ‘Star Search,’ have appeared on ‘Showtime in Harlem’ and am a national anthem singer for every major sports team in southern California, and my voice just keeps getting stronger! Through it all I’ve worked with Billy Purnell … he has taught me to find my ‘middle’ voice, where even the really high notes sound like chest voice but they’re really easy to produce. I’m now approaching Hollywood with all my weapons in place!! Thanks, Billy!”

-Joelle James, Murrieta CA, NYC, recently signed with artist Chris Brown


Jordan“Billy worked extensively with our son during the audition process for Disney’s “The Lion King,” and we were very happy with the results. His vibrato, pitch and control improved tremendously from callback to callback, and his natural God-given talent came shining through. Jordan landed the lead role of young Simba!! God bless you, Billy.'”

-Joseph and Toni Calloway, Pasadena, CA


spotlight“Billy, we did it! With your wonderful teaching, I was able to win the Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Award, and $5,000! I can never thank you enough. You ‘re the best!!”

-Jeremy Schrock, San Bernardino, CA

One day I had an inspiration and typed in voice training to the Internet search, and I can honestly say that this single decision has changed my day to day life. I saw Billy’s site, liked what I read and bought the program. Within 3 weeks I realised that I had found my own way to sing instead of just copying the artist, and that I could sing almost anything. For the first time I was finding true confidence in my voice. In England there is a great new show that is on Saturday nights on BBC1. 175,000 singers applied for the 50 places on the 10 shows. With my new found vocal confidence I sent in a recording and was asked to audition. There were 600 people asked to audition in my region, and to my amazement I got one of the 5 places to appear on the show. If I had not bought the program and Billy’s charming tuition, I don’t think I would have made it… to be the only one out of the 50 singers appearing in the series that has not previously sung professionally is the ultimate compliment to Billy’s tuition. Thank you, Billy”

-Tony Daniels, United Kingdom


“I spend my life singing in various places, and when I travel, I always carry Billy with me… He helps me stay in shape vocally in a sometimes grueling schedule, and my confidence is greatly boosted when I use his training method. Time and distance preclude my studying privately with Billy Purnell, but these recordings are the next best thing! Thank you, Billy, for helping me to better “Sing to the Lord!”

-Marty Goetz, Franklin, TN


“Billy Purnell’s ‘Ultimate Voice Training for Singers’ is an excellent series for vocal growth and maintenance. Billy addresses the entire voice and explains old concepts in an amazingly clear and applicable way. I highly recommend this program for every singer from the novice to the professional”

-Lynne Fiddmont, vocalist with Stevie Wonder, Babyface, Kenny Loggins and many others


If You are Interested in Training with Billy Personally…

Due to high demand, Billy’s schedule is very limited for taking on new clients. If you are interested in personally training with Billy:

1.  Start with the Ultimate Voice Training for Singers Course (ORDER HERE) and work it for at least three months.  This way, you will have a solid foundation to start with, and your time with Billy will be focused on the areas that will get you the most most improvement for your time.  Not mandatory of course, just a suggestion!


2.  Email Billy directly at


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