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Thank You for your purchase from and the Ultimate Voice Training for Singers – we really appreciate your business and trust in us.

IF YOU PURCHASED THE PLATINUM OR GOLD PACKAGE, and didn’t indicate “Male” or “Female” for the Hard Copy CD Program, please drop a quick email to, give your name and indicate if you want the program for Women (Women, girls, young boys) or Men (Men and older boys)

If you purchased online singing lessons, you will be contacted via e-mail to schedule your session. You will want to have either Skype or iChat set up and ready to go prior to your session, so you can dive into your session on time and get the most out of your lesson.

If you ordered “The Ultimate Voice Training for Singers” Course – depending on the package you selected – it is delivered via digital download, physical product or both.

The digital package is delivered online in the Members Area of our website; you should have been directed to a page to create your user/password. From there, you can log in anytime to gain access to the course.

For physical products, all orders are shipped first class from the U.S. Post Office within 3 business days.

Thanks again.  Any questions, please contact us at infoATvoicetrainingDOTcom (Please replace AT with @ and DOT with .)

Happy Singing,

billy p 🙂

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