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Over the years I’ve come to realize more and more that in most people’s hearts is a God-given desire to sing. Whether it’s professional entertainment, heartfelt worship or simply self-satisfaction, there’s an emotional outlet in singing that is like none other. What people don’t realize is, most of us have a lot more potential to sing well than we think. It is this latter realization that was the catalyst to my putting the home study program together and setting up the workshops – I realize that they are not a substitute for a great teacher, but I have been amazed at the progress I have seen in people on return visits, and also at the many positive comments I’ve gotten months later.



My main clients have been voice teachers, schools, musical theater groups, choirs and Christian churches, and every one of them has been a blessing for me! The workshops are fun and fast paced, and there’s a lot of one-on-one and group interaction. We go over not only technique exercises and warmup routines, but also stage presence, performance, vocal maintenance, health tips, group blending, harmony, ear-training and more. What we cover often depends on the individual needs of the group. I’m often told that the workshops help develop and/or kindle camaraderie within the group, and that is extremely important!


To discuss having a workshop, and how you can serve your singing community and make a profit, simply email me, Billy Purnell, at

That’s all you need to do!!  I’ll get right back to you and we’ll discuss your needs and how I can help!!  -bp



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