Voice Training: Why reach for the stars??


So let’s ask the question that every artist asks  of themselves on some sort of regular  basis… “Self, what do I really want to do with my talent and what do I think is possible to accomplish?”

If the answer to the first part is “I want to be famous”, then we may need to break it down further.  After all, there are a plethora of ways to get famous.  Heck, if you want to be famous, all you have to do is kill someone that is famous… ok; bad joke, but please get the point… famous?  Why?

Because you’ll be rich and successful and everyone will love you and you’ll have an easy life and be the envy of your friends and blah blah blah?  I hope it’s not that simple.  How about “because I want to do something that will put people in a better place than they were before they found out about me”?

How about “because I want people to know what is possible in their own lives, by listening to my words, hearing my story and knowing that I didn’t start off with a lot of money, backing, and connections…”

How about “because I want to be the best I can possibly be, and inspire others to do the same”?

Ah, so I’m an idealist; that’s ok.  Fact is, all the above possibilities have one thing in common… the desire to be REAL as a person and an entertainer.  To be creative,  different, authentic; to have a purpose and be self-directed in fulfilling it.  And that means being THE BEST YOU CAN BE AT YOUR CRAFT – and that’s just a starting point!

I have a fantastic life, amazing friends, a good relationship with the Creator of the Universe and a love of what I do for a living. I’m not rich, but I’m covered – not sure if I’m the best, but I’m one of the best…

And I had NO IDEA I would ever be a voice teacher for a living.

Of the myriad of successful, happy and fulfilled people that I know in the music industry, the majority of them had no idea they would be doing what they are doing for a living.

Most of them started out wanting to “make it” in the biz (a very specific ambition that meant being a rich and famous recording artist).  But time, circumstance, opportunity, parenthood, and/or the desire to have a “normal” life have worked together to turn them into producers, A&R executives, teachers, managers, agents, songwriters, radio personalities; the list goes on and on – AND THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO, AS DO I….

Why did we become who we are?  Did we change our minds?  Did we “fall back” to plan B?  No – we became who we are because, by becoming the best we could be at what we do, we opened the doors that it takes to branch out in the music industry; to make a living doing the thing that we love – MUSIC.

And if we hadn’t put all that effort into being the best we can be, those doors would have never opened – period.

You sing because you love it – but remember, so does the guy next door.  When he sings in the shower, the car, or at a karaoke bar, he gets just as much joy as you do, but YOU are training for a career in the industry, whatever that career may be.


Happy Singing,

Billy P:)

P.S. – No matter if you have my course, “The Ultimate Voice Training for Singers” or not, remember this saying; “The Mother of Skill is Repetition; the Father of Skill is Consistency.”

Consistent, focused practice (I recommend 5- 6 days per week) is the key to developing your voice to its fullest potential. The best way would be with a qualified Voice Training Coach.  If you can’t do that, then a course like “The Ultimate Voice Training for Singers” is a great alternative.

Either way, make sure you practice correctly and consistently. Happy Singing!

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