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The human voice emanates from a very delicate instrument; a finely tuned collection of tissue, cartilage, ligament, bone and mucus, that when operating efficiently can create a beautiful sound via vibration of the vocal folds resonating through the cavities of the throat, mouth, nose and sinuses.  Singing is not only a spiritual and recreational activity, it is also athletic in nature, since it is the physical coordination of all these parts that makes a pleasant voice.

Because of this, it is imperative that a serious singer examine not only their daily practice routine, but also how they are treating their body on a day to day basis.  Proper hydration and nutrition are essential in the serious singer, just as they are essential in the serious athlete.

Some very real tips for singers:

1)      Get the right amount of sleep… Your body functions best when it is rested, as you know.  The sound of your voice is one of the first indicators of fatigue; even a friend miles away can tell you that you “sound tired” on the phone.  Since you’ll refuse to show your fatigue in a performance, (and rightfully so), you’ll have to expend extra energy just to get your “mix” and into your high notes.  You will push your voice harder than you should; it’s inevitable.  Sleep!

2)      Pay attention to your diet… what you eat affects your voice greatly; not just in the short run (right before a gig) but in the long run: vocal production is adversely affected by the thickening of mucus in the laryngeal area, and that can be the direct result of a poor diet.  When mucus is thick and chunky, that’s when we feel we have to clear our throat, and the very act of doing so is hard on the voice.  If the clearing continues, swelling of the vocal folds occurs, and the singer finds himself clearing more and more to get rid of mucus that is no longer there; now what’s there is just the swelling.  Swollen vocal cords sound hoarse and are difficult and sometimes painful to work with.Drinking water, not soda but fresh clean water, will thin the mucus and make it slide down easily, while protecting the delicate tissues of the throat.

As a general rule, fish and chicken, lean foods, vegetables and fruits, herbal teas, grains and whole foods, and lots of water are good for the singing voice…

As a general rule, fatty foods, fast food, spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol, soda, sugar, dairy products can be hard on the singing voice, producing a thicker mucus as described above

3)     Drink plenty of water!!  Good fresh water, not soda… people say “well soda has water in it, doesn’t that count?  No, because there’s too much junk in it as well, and the body is not using it the same way… 8 x 8 ounce glasses per day, not just  when singing… the idea is consistent hydration!!


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    how can i talk with billy plzzzzzz.

  2. Kendra omashuli

    Its nice goin thru yhur exercises,bat dat voice crackin hw do u xcape it.

  3. Kendra omashuli

    Eatin b4 singin is it adviceable.

  4. Awolaja Adeboye

    Hmmmmnnn. That’s a wonderful write ups. Can U plss send me more of it?

  5. Dahlia McLean

    Great advice

  6. Sis.Esther Afolorunsho

    I’m so happy for your attention. Somebody that cares like you is difficult to find. You’ve reminded me many times to take care of my voice.
    Merci beaucoup.

  7. jitendra pal

    sir kuch aise common chije btae jisse voice pleasent ho jaye

  8. uche david

    thanks bill i got the advice i know its gonna work thanks to you keep the good work

  9. Charles Okagua

    Am not comfortable with my voice. Its very bad, hoarse, so deep and not clear. I also snore and am not happy about it. I seriously need a training on my voice not for singing but for better communication. Can u help me? Reply to my email

  10. Idy Jack

    Thanks a lot. These have been very helpful.

  11. Idy Jack

    Thanks a lot. It was quite helpful.

  12. Julie Huett

    I am trying to set up lessons for my daughter Zoe Huett. I do not see on your website that you give private lessons. Please let me know if this is something you still offer. My contact number is 951-966-5012.

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    Pls send it on my phone

  14. Proper eating is an essential part of a strong clear voice!

  15. I want to be a great singer and iappreciate your above teachings.

  16. Alokkumar Kasliwal

    Want to improve my voice

  17. Mona

    Hi Billy
    Do you reckon it’s possible for a person with a slight hearing problem to be able to sing ?

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    good day I need a favour I need to regain my voice back when I sing sputum irritate me,even when I drink water still the same thank u regards thembisile



  21. Gumong Shandii

    I,am a local guy and this is my very first time to see your music lesson in the internet so I,m very intrested,so could you pls send mi some of your free singing lesson to me? Yes Im from PNG.

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